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Entrant List for Charity Four Man Team

168 players have been signed up for this competition as of 1:09 PM Tuesday 23rd July

Phil Allan (Oulton Hall)
Martin Appleyard (Oulton Hall)
Kevin Atha (Wetherby)
Stephen Backhouse (Oulton Hall)
Perminder Badesha (Leeds Golf Centre)
Neil Bailey (Darrington)
Michael Banks (Leeds)
Tony Banks (Leeds)
Andrew Beattie (Leeds)
Fred Beckley (Low Laithes)
Russell Bennett (Leeds)
Ian Benson (Garforth Golf Club)
Peter Bentley (Wetherby)
Stephen Bestwick (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Richard John Blakeley (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Milan Bogic (Waterton Park)
Mark Booth (Wakefield)
Jonathan Brabbs (Oulton Hall)
Richard Bradbury (Wakefield)
Alan Brear (Low Laithes)
Brian Briggs (Low Laithes)
John Byers (Low Laithes)
Peter Cammiss (Temple Newsam)
Steve Carrack (Temple Newsam)
Andrew John Cawtheray (Leeds)
Bali Chana (Leeds Golf Centre)
Stephen Chatters (Garforth Golf Club)
Tony Cole (Low Laithes)
Paul Coletta (Low Laithes)
Dave Colley (Oulton Hall)
Simon Collinson (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
David Cothay (Temple Newsam)
Norman J. Coward (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Mick Coyne (Sand Moor)
Stuart Davies (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Adrian Deakin (Oulton Hall)
Bryan Desborough (Wetherby)
Leo Doherty (Garforth Golf Club)
Chris Duggan (Garforth Golf Club)
Brian Easterbrook (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
John Eastham (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Craig Eastwood (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Henry Ellam (Leeds)
Andrew Firth (Low Laithes)
Mark Fisher (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Paul Fullerton (Moortown)
Kevin Gallagher (Leeds)
Andy Gibson (Selby)
Brian Gomersall (Leeds)
Wayne Greenwood (Wetherby)
Ronald Halliday (Garforth Golf Club)
Richard Halliwell (Waterton Park)
Andrew Harrison (Waterton Park)
Martin Harrison (Darrington)
Derick Hartley (Low Laithes)
Nick Hartley (Low Laithes)
Leon Heppell (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
William Heselgrave (Temple Newsam)
Barry Hewitt (Wakefield)
David Higgins (Leeds Golf Centre)
Barry Hilton (Garforth Golf Club)
Richard Hirst (Low Laithes)
Wayne Hirst (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Mark Hodgkinson (Scarcroft)
Graham Holden (Moortown)
Mark Holliday (Scarcroft)
Max Holliday (Scarcroft)
John Holt (Low Laithes)
Paul Houlker (Temple Newsam)
Paul Raymond Howden (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Michael Hudson (Darrington)
Steve Hunsley (Low Laithes)
Guftar Hussain (Leeds Golf Centre)
Afrid Iqbal (Leeds Golf Centre)
Aftab Iqbal (Leeds Golf Centre)
Kirk James (Wakefield)
Darryl Johnson (Sand Moor)
Chris Kilbride (Temple Newsam)
Desmond Lawson (Darrington)
Mark Lister (Temple Newsam)
Marcus ludwell (Pontefract & District)
Tom Ludwell (Pontefract & District)
Robert Jeffrey Lynn (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Robert Manley (Sand Moor)
Joel Marsh (Darrington)
Samuel Marsh (Darrington)
A K Massey (Leeds)
Tony McMenamin (Low Laithes)
Stephen Milner (Temple Newsam)
Mike Morris (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Dean Mountain (Darrington)
Abdul Jabar Mughal (Leeds Golf Centre)
Ronnie Naylor (Waterton Park)
Andy Nichols (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Derick Nichols (Garforth Golf Club)
Michael North (Low Laithes)
Paul Nugent (Wakefield)
Geoff O'Brien (Leeds)
John Orrell (Temple Newsam)
Michael Osborn (Low Laithes)
Chris Pennington (Moortown)
Charles Phillipson (Garforth Golf Club)
Eugene Piechura (Low Laithes)
Ray Porritt (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Michael Pottock (Oulton Hall)
Glen Preston (Oulton Hall)
John Priestman (Selby)
Paul Rennison (Leeds)
Wayne Rennison (Leeds)
Anthony Rhodes (Leeds Golf Centre)
Barry Richardson (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
David Ritson (Low Laithes)
Colin Roberts (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Mark Roberts (Temple Newsam)
John Robinson (Low Laithes)
Peter Robinson (Leeds)
John Rockcliffe (Oulton Hall)
Mick Rollinson (Low Laithes)
Roger Rowsby (Leeds)
Harry Saville (Low Laithes)
David Searby (Low Laithes)
James Sheen (Leeds Golf Centre)
Craig Siddle (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Sukvinder Singh (Leeds Golf Centre)
James Smith (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Andrew O'Flaherty Snr (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Mark Solomons (Sand Moor)
Frank Sparkes (Temple Newsam)
Tom Stanley (Pontefract & District)
Jamie Stares (Pontefract & District)
Graham Stead (Darrington)
Frank Stewart (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Michael Sumpton (Moortown)
David Swift (Temple Newsam)
Steven Swift (Low Laithes)
Ian Taylor (Wakefield)
Luke Taylor (Wakefield)
Sean S Taylor (Wakefield)
Philip Thacker (Scarcroft)
Andy Theakstone (Selby)
David Thirlwall (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Robert Thomas (Darrington)
Kevin Thurlow (Darrington)
Martin Trueman (Darrington)
Martin Turner (Darrington)
Simon Verity (Scarcroft)
Matthew Vowles (Leeds)
Tony Waite (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
James Waldron (Oulton Hall)
George Walker (Leeds Golf Centre)
Graham Walker (Low Laithes)
John Walker (Low Laithes)
Ayden Ward (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Mark Ward (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Jack Watkins (Temple Newsam)
Tony Watts (Darrington)
Gary Webster (Low Laithes)
Terry West (Temple Newsam)
Stephen Wheelhouse (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Mike Wilkes (Low Laithes)
Richard Wilkinson (Temple Newsam)
Patrick Williamson (Low Laithes)
Pete Wilson (Selby)
Dave Winters (Temple Newsam)
Michael Winters (Temple Newsam)
Jerry Wood (Howley Hall Golf Club)
Paul Wroblewski (Leeds Golf Centre)
Nigel Yarrow (Low Laithes)

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