Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs



1.      Each club shall be represented by a maximum of two teams of THREE players. One player will be designated as the team captain.

         In the event of a Club entering two teams a player may only represent one of the teams during the season.

2.      The handicap index limit for the league is 36 for girls and boys. 

3.      The clubs shall be divided into THREE divisions. For 2022, promotion and relegation shall be as follows when possible:     

Junior Division 1            1 team relegated

Junior Division 2            2 teams promoted and  2 teams relegated

Junior Division 3            2 team promoted

           In the event of a tie for either promotion or relegation, the position in the league will be decided by:

                 a - The number of games won

                 b - The number of away game wins

                 c - Least game losses

                 d - Least away game losses and most away game points

                 e - The number of Fixtures (being total matches played) won.

4.     Each club shall play a home and an away fixture as laid down in the fixture list.

5.     Fixtures shall take place on Tuesday evenings at 17:30 hours unless otherwise indicated in the fixture list, or at a time mutually                 agreed by the Junior Organiser or their representatives. If it is not possible for the fixture to be played on the date in the fixture list,           then written permission MUST be obtained from the LDUGC Junior Organiser at least 7 days prior to the date of the fixture for a                   change of date. Only the Junior Organiser or their representative can decide a fixture should be postponed or suspended. In the case         of postponement, this must be made on the tee at 17.30 hours of the day of the fixture unless the course is closed.

6.     Any fixture postponed due to inclement weather or the state of the course should be notified to the LDUGC League Secretary before             the 22:00 hours deadline on the date of the original fixture. A fixture postponed due to inclement weather or the state of the course          should be played within SEVEN days where possible. In the event of this not being possible, the League Secretary should be notified             within SEVEN days of the original fixture and in

        in exceptional circumstances, only, a date should be proposed and mutually agreed with him when the match will be played. In the               event of teams failing to play or rearrange a fixture postponed within the stipulated period, both teams shall be awarded no points.

        When a fixture has started and has to be suspended, in accordance with the Rules of Golf, and cannot be completed on the same day         any game completed shall be awarded the appropriate points, any unfinished games shall be considered halved. Fixtures shall not be         re arranged.

7.     If a player fails to be present at the time fixed for the game, he shall be recorded as having lost.

8.     Both Captains will exchange Team Lists in strict handicap order and the matches shall be played in that order. The Captain of the                 Home Team will supply scorecards and local rules.

9.     A player may represent one club only in any one season.

10.   Disputes must be communicated to the League Secretary prior to 17.00 hours on the date of the fixture. This must be followed by a             letter to the Honorary Secretary of the Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs within 7 days of the date of the Fixture. The decision of the         Executive Committee regarding all disputes shall be final.

11.    It is the responsibility of the HOME CLUB to immediately notify the result of a fixture  (names, handicaps, scores) to Mr. Alan Webster            by e-mail to: but before 17.00 hours on the day after the match is played. Please give player details on         the results e-mail.

12.    Failure to comply MAY result in the DEDUCTION OF ONE POINT from the HOME TEAM.

13.    If a team fail to turn up for a fixturee, they will be given written notice, that if they re-offend they will immediately be eliminated from          the league, and all results involving that team will be expunged. The Club will be required to make application to rejoin the league in          the following season prior to the 1st September for Executive approval and if accepted they will resume in the lowest Division.

14.    Click here for Additional Regulations for Juniors                                                                                         Amended 1/01/2022

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