Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs




In the event of the number of entries exceeding 72 a ballot will be held from the highest handicap entries.


Play shall be by stroke play over 18 holes both from scratch and under handicap.

 Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Scratch                            First - lowest Gross Score     Second - lowest Gross score

Playing Handicap           0 - 15               First - lowest Nett Score       Second - lowest Nett score

Playing Handicap           16 and above    First - lowest Nett Score       Second - lowest Nett score

Trophies will be awarded as follows:

 The W.H. Fenton Trophy will be held for one year by the Stroke Play Champion who returned the lowest gross score. 

The Headingley Trophy will be held for one year by the competitor returning the lowest nett score.

 The Judy Raynor Cup will be held for one year by the competitor under 15 years of age at 1st January, returning the lowest nett score.

The Presidents Cup will be held for one year by the Junior Match Play Champion.

A player may win more than one Trophy but only one Prize voucher. In the event of a player winning more than one Trophy the Vouchers

will be presented to the next placed player.


The 8 leading competitors (gross scores) will compete for the Matchplay Championship

The Championship shall be decided by scratch match play over 18 holes. The seeded draw with venues and deadlines for completion of each round will be notified to Clubs and competitors. 


The Competition is a Scratch Match Play event.

Entries and Fees

The leading 8 Competitors from the Junior Stroke Play Championship provided they have confirmed entry prior to tee off to the Competition Secretary, shall qualify for the Leeds Junior MatchplayChampionship. In the event of any of the 8 being unavailable a list of reserves, in order of finishing, shall be drawn up by the Competition Secretary. No additional entry fees shall be payable.


Each round shall be over 18 holes with a final round over 18 holes. The players play scratch match play until a winner is decided. The winner shall be the Junior Matchplay Champion and shall receive the The Presidents Cup and a prize. There shall be a prize for the runner up and such other prizes as may be decided by the Executive Committee.

Rules where boys play girls: 

Boys play off the white course and girls play off the red course. Where the par of the holes differ if each player pars the hole then the hole is halved

E.g. par 4 for the white course and par 5 for the red course.

As the two courses may have different pars and different course ratings, adjustments may need to be made to reflect the difficulty (i.e. course rating-CR ) of the course being played.

e.g.  white course Par 71 Course Rating 73

         red course   Par 73  Course rating 74

 So a boy needs to score 73 to ‘play to scratch’ (2 over par) whereas a girl needs to play to 74 to ‘play to scratch’ (1 over par). 

Therefore, in this example the boy would receive one adjustment  shot on the white course stroke Index 1. 


In the event of a tie after 18  holes, play shall continue until a winner is decided.


A seeded Draw, Dates and Venues of each round shall be made by the League Secretary. Copies of the draw and results for each round including the Final will be sent to the Players and Home Club of players remaining in the Competition.

If the Club appointed as a venue for a match is unable to accept the date and time agreed by the contestants, then and only then, by mutual agreement of the two players the venue may be changed providing approval is first obtained from the League Secretary.

All matches must be arranged with the Club Secretary at least Five (5) days prior to the match

All matches must be played by the specified date and the last tee time shall be 17.00 hours on the last day. If only one player is present the match will be awarded to him. If both players are absent they will both be eliminated.

It is the responsibility of the WINNER of the match to notify the result to the League Secretary John Hallas by no later than 22:00 hours on the final day of that round. If no result is received within the time then both players will be eliminated.

All disputes shall be referred to the League Secretary whose decision shall be final.

The League Secretary reserves the right to make a decision in equity when it is impossible to complete a match in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

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