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1.      All matches are to be played from Scratch over 18 holes in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf for Matchplay.

2.     Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a half.

3.     In the event of the match being tied after completion of all three games, then the LAST match to halve shall resume play to obtain a result by

sudden death commencing at Hole Number 1.

4.     Each Club will be represented by one team of THREE players.

5.     A player who is a member of more than one participating Club may only represent one Club throughout the Competition.

6.     Both Captains shall exchange Team Lists to determine the order of play. The Captain of the Home Team shall supply scorecards and Local Rules.

7.     Each round should be completed as soon as possible within the allocated time allowed in accordance with the draw. Any unreasonable delay, as

        determined by the LDUGC League Secretary, could result in both teams being eliminated.

8.     The HOME team is the first team of each pair in the draw and is responsible for arranging the match within 7 days from the start of the round. If a

        mutual date for the match cannot be agreed, then the match will take place on the final day of the draw at the HOME teams Club at 16:00hrs.

        If only ONE team turn up ready to play at 16:00 the match will be given to that team. Extensions will only be granted in extreme circumstances.

9.     Only Team Captains can decide whether a match should be postponed or suspended and in the case of postponement, that decision shall be made

        on the day of the match.

10.   If a player fails to be present at the time fixed for the match, he shall be recorded as having lost

11.   The Semi-finals will take place on a neutral course that will be determined by the LDUGC, & the Final will be played  take place on  Finals Day on  

the course of the LDUGC President providing his club is not in the final. If it is then a neutral course will be determined by the LDUGC Executive.

12.    Disputes must be communicated to the League Secretary prior to 22:00hrs on the date of the match and all disputes shall be referred to the

LDUGC League Secretary by telephone within 24 hours of the match. This must be followed by a letter to the LDUGC Honorary Secretary within 7

days of the date of the match. The decision of the Executive Committee regarding all disputes is final.

13.   The entry fee to the Competition shall be as fixed by The Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs Executive and be paid at the same time as the

annual subscription.

14.   Trophies and Prize monies shall be fixed by the Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs Executive.

15.   A draw will be made at the Annual General Meeting.

16.    It is the responsibility of the WINNING CLUB to immediately notify the result of the match to the Leeds & District League Secretary

Mr. John Hallas by email to as soon as possible but before deadline for completion of each round as per draw.

17.     Failure to comply may result in DISQUALIFICATION.

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