Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs


Regulations Governing all Tournaments & Competitions


1.    All Championships, Competitions and Matches shall be played in accordance with the R&A USGA Rules of Golf - effective January 2019 and the 

       local rules of the club upon whose course the event is being played, in so far as they do not contravene the Rules of Golf and have the approval of

       the Competition Committee.

2.    All competitors must comply strictly with the Host Club Rules and Etiquette on the Course and in the Clubhouse, particularly with regard to

       dress: jeans, collarless shirts and athletic footwear are NOT acceptable.

3.    Except where otherwise stated, to be eligible to compete in the Union competitions or matches a player shall

        (i)  Be of Amateur status as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

        (ii)  Be a Male playing member of a Club Affiliated to the Union.

        (iii) Conform to the age and handicap limits which are included in the regulations for the event, hold a Competition CONGU handicap and if

             required, produce a Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) number.

        (iv) A player may, however, enter Associate Member Competitions and Winter Alliances with an Inactive CONGU handicap but may not

             compete for the prizes.

4.     Entries for all events shall be made on the approved entry forms obtainable from Club Secretaries or the Competition Secretary of the Union,

       and must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee to be eligible for entry into the Competition.

5.     Entry fees and prizes for all events shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. In any event no competitor may receive more than

        one Individual prize plus a team prize.

6.     The Competition Committee shall make all draws for the order of play. In the event of entries exceeding the number of starting times available

        there shall be a ballot from the highest handicap entrants. Players must start at the time established by the Competition Committee. If a

        player arrives at starting tee ready to play within five minutes after his starting time then the penalty is loss of first hole in Matchplay or two

        strokes at the first hole in Strokeplay. After five (5) minutes the penalty is disqualification

7.     Unless otherwise stated, ties in all competitions shall be decided by the scores taken over the last 18, 9, 6, 3, 2 or 1 holes played in that

        order. If the scores are still tied then the scores shall be taken over the first 18, 9, 6, 3, 2 and 1 hole played in that order. If the scores are

        still tied then the result will be Joint Winners. Team competitions shall be decided in the same way.

8.     All disputes will be referred to the Competition Committee consisting of the Competition Secretary and other members selected by The

        Executive Committee and their decision shall be final.

9.     Ride-on Golf Buggies are not allowed in Competitions except to disabled players  and/or unless stipulated on the Competition entry poster.

        These players shall obtain prior permission from the Union and the Host Club to use the Buggy and produce a Doctors certificate and prove

        Third Party Insurance Cover exists. No other competitor shall be aided by the Buggy.

10.   Inclement Weather      

If, in the opinion of L & D U officials, it becomes impossible to complete a Competition in accordance with the  L & D U  Regulations for  Tournaments and Competitions owing to adverse weather or other circumstances, the L & D U officials may vary the Competition  conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.

11.   A Competitor may not make use of any drug to enhance his performance.

Attention is drawn to the list of prescribed drugs issued by the Sports Council. Any Competitor infringing this rule, or if asked to do so, refuses to take a test shall be disqualified.

12.    All Disciplinary matters shall be conducted in accordance with the L & D U Disciplinary Procedure

Copies are available from the Honourable Secretary on application by any club.


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