Leeds & District Union of Golf Clubs


Entrant List for Associate Members 4BBB No. 2

126 players have been signed up for this competition as of 2:48 AM Friday 14th June

Phil Allan (Oulton Hall)
Neil J Artis (Garforth Golf Club)
Kevin Atha (Wetherby)
Stephen Backhouse (Oulton Hall)
Perminder Badesha (Leeds Golf Centre)
Neil Bailey (Darrington)
Stephen Barnes (Woolley Park)
David Barrett (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Scott Bateson (Garforth Golf Club)
David Bauja (Whitwood)
Fred Beckley (Low Laithes)
John Bedford (Wakefield)
Steve Beer (Darrington)
Pete Bell (Darrington)
Ian Blockley (Wakefield (City of))
Milan Bogic (Waterton Park)
Jonathan Brabbs (Oulton Hall)
Alan Brear (Low Laithes)
Brian Briggs (Low Laithes)
Mr Ian Broadhead (Woolley Park)
John Byers (Low Laithes)
Michael Caines (Low Laithes)
Darren Calvo (Waterton Park)
Glenn Carr (Whitwood)
Steve Carrack (Temple Newsam)
Bali Chana (Leeds Golf Centre)
Stephen Chatters (Garforth Golf Club)
Andrew Clough (Wakefield)
Tony Cole (Low Laithes)
Dave Colley (Oulton Hall)
Barry Cooper (Oulton Hall)
R Allan Cooper (Pannal Golf Club)
Norman Coward (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Graham Daniels (Pontefract & District)
John Dexter (Garforth Golf Club)
Carl Dickinson (Pontefract & District)
Simon Dodgson (Darrington)
Brian Easterbrook (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
John Eastham (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
John Ellis (Low Laithes)
Janusz Fedorowicz (Headingley)
Jim Fisher (Low Laithes)
Mark Fisher (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
John Fowler (Oulton Hall)
Paul Fullerton (Moortown)
Andy Gibson (Selby)
Antony Gilligan (Darrington)
Lawrence Gough (Garforth Golf Club)
Paul Greenhalgh (Darrington)
David Harrison (Garforth Golf Club)
Frank Highley (Pontefract & District)
Richard Hirst (Low Laithes)
Wayne Hirst (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Mark Hodgkinson (Scarcroft)
Graham Holden (Moortown)
Mark Holliday (Scarcroft)
Randolph Holt (Low Laithes)
Paul Houlker (Temple Newsam)
David Hoyle (Garforth Golf Club)
Michael Hudson (Darrington)
Steve Hunsley (Low Laithes)
Stephen Hutchinson (Headingley)
David Johnston (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
David Knowles (Low Laithes)
Stephen Lake (Whitwood)
Desmond Lawson (Darrington)
David Lea (Wakefield (City of))
Mark Lister (Temple Newsam)
Marcus Ludwell (Pontefract & District)
Maurice Ludwell (Pontefract & District)
Tom Ludwell (Pontefract & District)
Ramon Mansell (Wakefield)
Peter Marchant (Darrington)
Stephen Mardon (Moortown)
Tony McMenamin (Low Laithes)
Stephen Megson (Low Laithes)
Stephen Milner (Temple Newsam)
William Munro (Wakefield (City of))
Ronnie Naylor (Waterton Park)
Stuart Nice (Waterton Park)
Andy Nichols (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Stuart Nichols (Garforth Golf Club)
Michael North (Low Laithes)
John Orrell (Temple Newsam)
Michael Osborn (Low Laithes)
David Oxley (Waterton Park)
Alan Paul (Darrington)
Chris Perkins (Wetherby)
Colin Potter (Pontefract & District)
Michael Pottock (Oulton Hall)
John Priestman (Selby)
Graham Robinson (Garforth Golf Club)
John Robinson (Low Laithes)
John Rockcliffe (Oulton Hall)
Peter Scott (Whitwood)
Steve Scott (Garforth Golf Club)
David Searby (Low Laithes)
Lee Senior (Normanton)
Roger Shepherd (Whitwood)
Sukvinder Singh (Leeds Golf Centre)
Kyle Smith (Temple Newsam)
Phil Smith (Pontefract & District)
Stephen Stableford (Garforth Golf Club)
Tom Stanley (Pontefract & District)
Craig Stanton (Oulton Hall)
Graham Stead (Darrington)
Frank Stewart (Cookridge Hall Golf Club)
Michael Sumpton (Moortown)
Andy Sweet (Darrington)
David Thirlwall (Ferrybridge Golf Club)
Robert Thomas (Darrington)
Kevin Thurlow (Darrington)
R Tomlinson (Wakefield (City of))
Alan Wadeley (Darrington)
Graham Walker (Low Laithes)
Jack Watkins (Temple Newsam)
Gary WEBSTER (Low Laithes)
Samuel Wickens (Whitwood)
Jonathan Wigglesworth (Pontefract & District)
Patrick Williamson (Low Laithes)
David Wingfield (Oulton Hall)
Dave Winters (Temple Newsam)
Michael Winters (Temple Newsam)
Lee Worth (Scarcroft)
Paul Wroblewski (Leeds Golf Centre)
Nigel Yarrow (Low Laithes)

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